Christmas Gifts for 12-Year-Old Girls – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 2023

“Little girls, like butterflies, need no excuse.” 

  • Robert A. Heinlein

It is exciting to go on a hunt for the perfect Christmas present for a remarkable 12-year-old girl who already has everything. This buyer’s guide has what she needs, whether she is a fashionista, an art enthusiast, an explorer, or an adventurer. These beautiful and thoughtful presents, which range from indoor to outdoor gear, high-tech to handmade, are sure to brighten her holiday and make an impression she will never forget. Feel the thrill of giving and receiving presents while creating unforgettable memories. Holiday gifts should reflect her personality and interests. Let the season’s wonder unfold as you search for a gift to make her feel special.

Journal Diary:

Price Range-$12.59

journal diary christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls-ultimate buyer's guide 2023
journal diary christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls-ultimate buyer’s guide 2023

Any girl of 12 years of age would be grateful to receive a journal as a gift. She can speak openly, examine her emotions, and set out on a path to self-awareness. A journal evolves from a notebook into a reliable companion and secure haven where she can record her innermost thoughts, emotions, and aspirations without fear of judgment or repercussions. She can express her ideas and feelings freely by writing, drawing, or even creating a scrapbook on its blank pages. Writing allows her to tell her innermost thoughts and preserve a physical record of her life’s events. 

Remember a 12-year-old girl’s interests while choosing a diary. Pick a pattern that appeals to her—bold colors, motivational words, or intriguing photographs. Her name or initials personalize the journal.

Give the 12-year-old girl a diary for self-reflection. Encourage her to use the blank papers as a canvas for her ideas and feelings and watch her grow, imagine, and ponder.

According to the quote, your journal will record your development, hopes, fears, dreams, ambitions, sorrows, and serendipities.

  • Kathleen Adams


Price Range- $26.89

backpack christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls-ultimate buyer's guide 2023
backpack christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls-ultimate buyer’s guide 2023

A girl’s bag at age 12 is more than just an accessory; it is an integral part of her daily life. A backpack can be a daring fashion statement that draws attention to the wearer’s distinctive personality and taste and serves the apparent purpose of carrying books and other school supplies. It perfectly captures her individuality and the qualities that set her apart. 

Finding the ideal bag for a 12-year-old girl requires the right mix between design and practicality. Look for a pattern, color scheme, or figure that catches her attention and inspires her imagination. She will be more eager to wear a backpack that she finds visually appealing, turning an ordinary task into a statement of style.

A backpack is more than just a practical item; it also holds emotional significance. It becomes a storage unit for memories, keeping stories about the young girl’s academic years, extracurricular activities, and even the souvenirs she picks up on the way. Because it represents growth, learning, and precious memories, the backpack will always hold a special place in her heart whenever she recalls her school years.

“I always have my backpack.”

  • Bhavish Aggarwal


Price Range- $10-$15

book christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls-ultimate buyer's guide 2023
book christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls-ultimate buyer’s guide 2023

Books are gifts that keep on giving long after they have been opened. A carefully chosen book can transport a 12-year-old girl to new worlds, spark her imagination, and foster a lifelong love of reading. Whether she has a deep appreciation for literature or is just beginning to discover the magic of storytelling, giving her a captivating book can open up a world of possibilities and offer countless hours of delight.

Think about her particular tastes and interests while choosing a book. Does she like exploring the world of adventure and mystery? Does she love fantastic worlds with mythical beasts and thrilling quests? Reading about ordinary people who did extraordinary things may comfort and inspire her. With this knowledge, you can choose a book to keep her reading.

She will discover the joys of fiction and the power of the mind as she loses herself in her book. The stories she hears will influence her worldview and inspire her to learn. Each book she reads becomes a treasured keepsake, a tangible reminder of the wonderful people she has met through reading.

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”

  • Margaret Fuller


Price Range- $17

bracelets christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls-ultimate buyer's guide 2023
bracelets christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls-ultimate buyer’s guide 2023

Gorgeous bracelets are a simple way to amp up your style. Finding the ideal bracelet for a 12-year-old girl will allow you to give her a gift that complements her style and holds a special meaning for you.

Consider her preference for colors, patterns, and fabrics. Does her enthusiasm for vivid, intense colors match her outgoing nature, or does she favor subdued tones that exude sophistication? Selecting a bracelet in her preferred color scheme shows that you have taken the time to learn about her likes and dislikes.

Bracelets give young girls a sense of confidence and self-expression in addition to enhancing their particular style. They act as a physical reminder of her distinct individuality and can develop into treasured mementos that travel with her on her trips. She will always wear the bracelet you selected with love and care, strengthening your bond and forging enduring memories.

It loses its appeal if you have to pay for your bracelet.

  • Peggy Hopkins Joyce


Price Range- $6

necklace christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls-ultimate buyer's guide 2023
necklace christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls-ultimate buyer’s guide 2023

This charming and practical charm necklace is the perfect way for a young lady of twelve to express her individuality. She can use it to share who she is and what interests her. Select charms for her necklace that speak to her interests, passions, and characteristics, such as those she has expressed. The necklace’s unique style is the result of the charms’ metamorphoses.

Because of the memories and stories they contain, charm necklaces are more than just attractive to look at. The chain represents the girl’s life, goals, and desires, and it goes everywhere she does. Each charm becomes a priceless keepsake that evokes pleasant memories of the relevant period or location. The charm necklace symbolizes her development and life’s journey.

A charm necklace can symbolize anything from a fleeting friendship to an everlasting bond of love. By selecting charms that reflect her interests and passions, you can show her that you appreciate her individuality and are aware of it. The necklace becomes a priceless token of your ever-growing love and commitment to her. 

“The necklace is the anchor; it’s the classification of jewelry that says what the whole idea is about.” 

  • Robert Lee Morris

Instant Camera:

Price Range- $70

instant camera christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls-ultimate buyer's guide 2023
instant camera christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls-ultimate buyer’s guide 2023

With the help of an instant camera, a 12-year-old girl can preserve priceless memories. An instant camera offers a distinct experience transcending the digital sphere with its enjoyable and nostalgic appeal. She gets to learn how the magic of photography works as she captures moments and watches as they come to life as actual prints before her eyes.

The portability of an instant camera is one of its benefits. The young girl can easily carry it thanks to its small size, ensuring she never misses a chance to record priceless moments with her friends and family. The instant camera allows her to capture those priceless moments and compile them into a physical collection of memories, whether it’s a day at the park, a birthday party, or a spontaneous expedition.

She is inspired to hone her photography abilities. She can test her creativity and develop a unique photographic style by experimenting with composition, lighting, and subject matter. Because the printed images provide instant feedback, they become watershed moments in her artistic development.

One’s reflection in a photograph can be like a fleeting moment of life frozen in time.

  • Brigitte Bardo


Price Range- ($6 per count)

scrunchies christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls-ultimate buyer's guide 2023
scrunchies christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls-ultimate buyer’s guide 2023

The world over, 12-year-old girls can not leave home without a scrunchie, as they have recently made a comeback. These fashionable hair ties add some flair and individuality to any hairstyle in addition to their practicality. If you give her a set of scrunchies, she will have a convenient way to keep her hair in great shape, serving as a statement piece.

You could get her a bunch of different scrunchies in different colors and patterns. She owns a variety of scrunchies to go with her attire and fashion preferences. She can find the ideal scrunchie to match any ensemble among the wide variety of options, ranging from bold and eye-catching colors to more muted designs that are no less lovely.

She can showcase her uniqueness and creativity while maintaining the health of her hair if you give her a selection of printed and solid scrunchies. This way, she can create unique scrunchies suited to her style and wardrobe. Let her adopt the look and master the art of using scrunchies to cinch her hair in ways that are fashionable, functional, and uniquely hers.

Never say you have too many scrunchies!

Art Set:

Price Range- $40

art set christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls-ultimate buyer's guide 2023
art set christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls-ultimate buyer’s guide 2023

A creative art kit may help a 12-year-old find her creativity. This is the ideal present for a young artist to reach her full creative potential. A budding artist may use an art kit’s tools and equipment for sketching, painting, or mixed media.

Colored pencils, markers, paints, brushes, and sketchbooks are usually included in an art supplies package. She uses high-quality materials to create vivid, slender, and textural sculptures. She may explore, choose her favorite materials, and push her creativity with possibilities.

Art materials let people express themselves and solve difficulties creatively. She may discover her artistic style and improve her creativity. She develops critical thinking, inventiveness, and pride by making something that expresses herself.

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

  • Pablo Picasso

String Lights:

Price Range- $20

string lights christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls-ultimate buyer's guide 2023
string lights christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls-ultimate buyer’s guide 2023

Since string lights have the enchanted ability to transform any space into a cozy and fascinating haven, they make an excellent gift for a 12-year-old girl. The sparkling lights add a whimsical and welcoming atmosphere to her room. Due to their adaptable design and appealing brightness, string lights can turn an ordinary space into a fantastic fantasy.

Choosing string lights in her favorite color would be a thoughtful gesture. Include her favorite color scheme in the string lights to enhance the aesthetics and align the space with her personality, whether she is drawn to cool tones, warm hues, or soft pastels. In the gentle light of her favorite color, she can unwind, relax, and let her imagination run wild.

String lights create a calm atmosphere in addition to their aesthetic value. The lights’ soft, comforting glow is perfect for winding down before bed. As ambient lighting, string lights can create a calm environment that promotes tranquility and relaxation. The soft glow of the string lights makes the bedroom the perfect place for her to read, write in her journal, or simply daydream.

“Everyone shines, given the right lighting.” 

  • Susan Cain

E-Reader (Kindle):

Price Range- $160

e-reader kindle christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls-ultimate buyer's guide 2023
e-reader kindle christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls-ultimate buyer’s guide 2023

If you know someone who devours books, getting them a Kindle or similar e-reader would be a wonderful present. She only needs physical copies taking up space when she has an e-reader that enables her to access a sizable collection of books, magazines, and comics. Because of this compact device’s portability, flexibility, and variety, her reading experience will improve, and she will grow to love literature.

One of the main benefits of an e-reader is the ability to access an extensive library of books instantly. With a few taps on the screen, the little girl can browse and download various books, from bestsellers to classics to contemporary masterpieces. The digital library allows her to easily indulge in her favorite literary genres and learn about new authors.

With her e-reader, she can take her reading anywhere. She can carry her entire library wherever she goes because of its transportable size and lightweight. While waiting for an appointment, riding in the car, or lounging at home, she can quickly lose herself in a gripping novel or explore educational content.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

  • Dr. Seuss

Pair of Skates:

Price Range- $37-$45

pair of skates christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls-ultimate buyer's guide 2023
pair of skates christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls-ultimate buyer’s guide 2023

If you know a 12-year-old girl full of life and energy, consider buying her a pair of skates as a gift. Whether she prefers inline or roller skates, this sacrifices opportunities for exploration, exercise, and thrilling adventures. Their knee and elbow pads will keep her protected while she participates in this exciting activity.

Roller skates are retro and nostalgic. Roller skates’ four wheels in a two-by-two pattern provide stability and maneuverability for beginners. She can go outside and enjoy the fresh air and the thrill of skating on smooth surfaces. Roller skates combine exercise and fun, whether she is at the skate park or just walking around.

Skating is fun and healthy. Working many muscle groups benefits your heart, lungs, balance, and coordination. Skating outside lets her get some fresh air and stay in shape.

If you can skate, why walk?

Squishy Toy:

Price Range-$17

squishy toy christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls-ultimate buyer's guide 2023
squishy toy christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls-ultimate buyer’s guide 2023

A 12-year-old girl is calmed and entertained by soft toys. These soft, squishy toys are designed to be compressed, stretched, and squeezed to relieve stress. Consider getting her a squishy toy shaped like her preferred animal to make the present even more sentimental.

Squeezing a squishy toy gives you a satisfying feeling, which is one of their biggest draws. Because they are different from other toys and tactile, squishy toys are enjoyable. By gently squishing and squeezing the toy for amusement, she can let out any pent-up tension or anxiety. To reduce stress and anxiety, press and stretch the toy.

Squishy toy play is a wonderful way to unwind and encourage creativity. These toys include fantastical creatures as well as cute pets and food. Squishy toys in animal shapes are appropriate for girls. She enjoys and finds comfort in the stuffed animal, and it takes part in her pretend play, all of which encourage her to express her creativity.

I like toy stores because I can add to my collection of plush toys there.

  • Grace Slick


“I think the prettiest girls are the happy ones,” – Audrey Hepburn

Christmas shopping for a 12-year-old girl can be both exciting and difficult. Choose a present she will love and asset with the help of our comprehensive shopping guide. From books to charm bracelets, journals to backpacks, we have got you covered. A unique present will brighten her holiday season. Follow our suggestions to give her a Christmas she will not soon forget.   


What is the most appropriate present for a 12-year-old female?

Think about what she likes and what she finds interesting. Gifts that are personalized or have a theme are frequently welcomed.

What are some well-liked presents for 12-year-old girls?

Kits for sports, games, technology, crafts, jewelry, books, and outdoor gear are also popular purchases among customers.

What can I do to make this gift special?

Look for a gift that features her favorite color or character. Choose something she will like and add a kind note or card to brighten her day.

How should I shop for a 12-year-old girl?

Ensure the gift is age- and safety-appropriate before giving it to the recipient. Think about how you use settings meant for parents.

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