Christmas Gifts for 12-Year-Old Girls UK – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 2023

“Little girls’ dreams are like stardust sparkling on the wings of fairies,” says the proverb. 

  • Sherry Larson

Now is the time to start planning what you will get the special young girls in your life for Christmas. You have found the best place to shop online for Christmas presents for 12-year-old girls in the UK. We hope this comprehensive buyer’s guide will assist you in finding the perfect present for these young ladies. Holiday cheer can be made (or broken) by the gifts given, and we have covered you everything from on-trend accessories to entertaining games.

Board Game:

Price Range- (£8-£20)

board game christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls uk-ultimate buyer's guide 2023
board game christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls uk-ultimate buyer’s guide 2023

Board games are great for socialization and bonding and a great way to kill time. Board games are a welcome diversion from today’s constant screen time because they promote in-person interaction and the development of deep bonds between players. When looking for a board game for a 12-year-old girl in the UK, numerous options are available.

A 12-year-old girl’s choice of board game should be informed by her personality, interests, and the preferences of any friends or family who might join in the fun. She might enjoy a mystery-solving board game like “Clue” or “Mysterium” if she likes the thrill of solving puzzles and staying on the edge of her seat. If you want to have fun while increasing your vocabulary, try a game of Scrabble or Codenames. If she enjoys games of conquest and strategy, suggest “Risk” or “Carcassonne” to her.

In addition to providing hours of entertainment, playing board games can teach you valuable life lessons. They help people learn to analyze, think critically, and solve problems. The IQ, social skills, and appreciation for fair play and teamwork young girls have all increased due to playing board games with them.

“Life is like a board game. Advancing is the key.”

  • Torron-Lee Dewar

Chocolate Hamper:

Price Range- (£10-£20)

chocolate hamper christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls uk-ultimate buyer's guide 2023
chocolate hamper christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls uk-ultimate buyer’s guide 2023

What better way to satisfy a young lady’s sweet tooth during the season of excess than with a thoughtfully curated chocolate hamper? The ideal Christmas present for a 12-year-old girl in the UK would be a chocolate basket filled with various chocolates and candies, from silky milk chocolate to deep dark chocolate with intriguing flavor notes.

Imagine the delight on her face as she discovers a delicious assortment of fine chocolates inside a basket that has been elegantly arranged. Each chocolate is handcrafted to order, guaranteeing a moment of pure indulgence. The candy in the basket may include chocolates, caramels, nougats, and more.

Consider the little girl’s chocolate preferences when selecting a gift basket. Some women prefer fruitier chocolates, while others prefer those with nuts. Considering her dietary requirements and allergies will help you create a hamper that is appropriate for her. Modern chocolate hampers make it simple to locate chocolates that are suitable for gluten-free and vegan consumers.

As the old saying goes, “Where there is chocolate, there is joy.”

  • Wayne Gerard Trotman


Price Range- (£12-£30)

hoodie christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls uk-ultimate buyer's guide 2023
hoodie christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls uk-ultimate buyer’s guide 2023

Any 12-year-old girl’s top must-have item is a stylish yet cozy hoodie. A hoodie should be in the closet of every young girl due to its adaptability, comfort, and stylish appeal. Hoodies look best worn in the winter and beyond.  

She may stay warm and cozy while adding elegance to her everyday clothes with a well-chosen hoodie. There are many hoodie styles available to accommodate various tastes and fashion preferences. Hoodies come in various styles and colors for women, from classic solids to modern patterns, graphic prints, and even customizable options.

Consider current fashion trends when choosing a hoodie as a Christmas present for a 12-year-old girl in the UK. Find designs featuring her favorite group, a character from a book she enjoys, or a witty proverb to capture her attention. You can give her a fashionable look while valuing her uniqueness by choosing a hoodie that speaks to her interests.

Choose a durable, yet comfortable fabric, because hoodies are meant to be worn often. Comfort and practicality are two reasons why cotton blends are so widely preferred. On chilly winter days, you will appreciate the added warmth and softness of the fleece or brushed interior.

“It’s amazing how hoodies have become such an important staple in people’s wardrobes.” 

  • Ian Astbury

Water Bottle:

Price Range- (£4-£12)

water bottle christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls uk-ultimate buyer's guide 2023
water bottle christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls uk-ultimate buyer’s guide 2023

A stylish and reusable water bottle could go a long way toward encouraging a healthy lifestyle and a commitment to sustainability in adolescent girls. By giving her a useful water bottle that reflects her interests and personality, you can encourage her to take better care of herself and the environment.

Reusable water bottles are now more than just a fad in this era of environmental consciousness. Picking a reusable water bottle shows that you care about the planet and want to do what you can to reduce your impact on it. The health benefits of this gift are not just for the young girl who received it.

Giving a 12-year-old girl a water bottle with a cute design that showcases her interests and personality as a Christmas present. Many different styles are available, ranging from modern and sleek to vibrant and patterned. If she enjoys spending time outside, you should get her some water bottles with floral designs or images of lovely landscapes. If she enjoys doing crafts by herself, you could give her a bottle with adorable designs or one that she can customize.

“Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.” 

  • Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Wireless Earbuds:

Price Range- (£25-£50)

wireless earbuds christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls uk-ultimate buyer's guide 2023
wireless earbuds christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls uk-ultimate buyer’s guide 2023

Consider getting her a pair of wireless earbuds if she enjoys listening to music. If you live in a society where it can uplift and inspire, you owe it to yourself to listen to music on one of these technological marvels. Wireless earbuds are a great option if you are looking for a Christmas present for a 12-year-old girl. Just make sure to consider their sound quality, comfort, and durability.

The sound quality of a pair of wireless earbuds should be prioritized above all else. Select a set that produces crisp, clear sound. The state-of-the-art audio technology of high-end wireless earbuds allows them to reproduce a wide and balanced soundstage for any musical genre. Whether the young lady is into pop, rock, classical, or some other genre, she should be able to lose herself in the music.

The degree of comfort is crucial. Select wireless earbuds with a range of ear tip sizes to ensure a secure fit. The young girl should not experience any discomfort from wearing the earbuds for extended periods if they are lightweight and ergonomically designed. Whether she is working out, studying, or relaxing, her earbuds should stay put, feel great, and reduce fatigue.

The level of convenience is crucial. Pick wireless earbuds with interchangeable ear tip sizes to get the best fit. If the girl’s headphones are comfortable and light, she can listen to music for as long as she likes. They should stay securely in her ears while she works out, studies, or relaxes to reduce stress and fatigue.  

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” 

  •  Plato

Video Game:

Price Range- (£25-£60)

video game christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls uk-ultimate buyer's guide 2023
video game christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls uk-ultimate buyer’s guide 2023

A 12-year-old girl in the UK who loves video games would be thrilled to receive the most recent game for her preferred gaming system. The immersive storytelling, thrilling adventures, and opportunities to socialize with others online that can be found in video games today are attracting a new generation of young women to the medium. Before selecting a video game as a Christmas present, you should find out what kinds of games she likes to play, or consult with her friends and family for suggestions.

The vast variety of video games available today means that there is truly something for everyone. Exciting adventures, realistic role-playing simulations, imaginative building simulations, and challenging puzzle games are just some of the options available. By finding out what kinds of video games the young lady enjoys playing, you can give her a gift that will be a hit and give her hours of entertainment.

Collector’s and special editions of games often include a slew of extras that were left out of the original release. Extras and bonuses, such as artbooks, soundtracks, and figurines, are often included with these limited edition releases, making the game even more of a unique present. 

A game is a fully realized exploration of freedom within a constrained setting.

  • Vineet Raj Kapoor.

A Quiz Book:

Price Range- (£4-£10)

a quiz book christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls uk-ultimate buyer's guide 2023
a quiz book christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls uk-ultimate buyer’s guide 2023

Gifting a girl of 12 years old with a fun and challenging quiz book is a great way to encourage her developing mind. This will keep her busy and teach her something new in addition to giving her something to do over the holidays. When looking for a Christmas quiz book for a 12-year-old British girl, it is crucial to consider alternatives that are both age- and subject-appropriate. This will help maintain her interest in and excitement about the quizzing world.

She can research and learn about many subjects of interest to her because quiz books are available in a wide range of formats and cover such a wide range of topics. Look for games and quizzes intended for her age group, as they will probably contain questions and tasks that are understandable to her. As a result, the quizzes successfully balance learning and fun.

A quiz book featuring many subjects, including those addressed in depth, is best. The 12-year-old girl will discover new interests by exploring various academic fields. Books featuring trivia, news, general knowledge, and pop culture questions will get people talking and educate her more about the world.

“Everyone loves sport. And everyone loves a quiz.”

  • Sue Barker


Price Range- (£5-£20)

plushies christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls uk-ultimate buyer's guide 2023
plushies christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls uk-ultimate buyer’s guide 2023

Girls of all ages find an inexplicable allure in cuddly plush toys, which makes them popular companions. When you are feeling lonely, cold, or insecure, there is nothing better than cuddling up with a plushie. When looking for a Christmas present for a 12-year-old British girl, it is important to find a plushie that conveys the essence of a beloved character from a book, movie, or even a special memory.

There are many plush toys, so she should like one. Consider her interests and preferences. Does she have pets? Look for plush toys in her favorite animal, like as a cuddly bear, a mystical unicorn, or a naughty dolphin. Stuffed animals may teach youngsters empathy and environmental awareness by imitating endangered creatures or conservation initiatives.

She would love a plush of her favorite fictional character. It connects her to her mind’s imaginative world, allowing role-playing, tale creation, and comfort. A stuffed superhero, fairy, or wizard fosters creativity.

Give a plush toy to a 12-year-old girl you care about this Christmas. Whether it symbolizes her hobbies, a famous figure, or a calming presence, the plushie will become a treasured buddy and a mark of your care. Offering her the option to snuggle with a soft and treasured buddy who will accompany her on every trip and comfortable moment is a great approach to help her appreciate plushies’ warmth and charm.

In a society where everyone is bigger and louder than you are, it is nice to have a small, quiet friend.

A Pair of Sneakers:

Price Range- (£40-£100)

a pair of sneakers christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls uk-ultimate buyer's guide 2023
a pair of sneakers christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls uk-ultimate buyer’s guide 2023

A 12-year-old British girl who loves trendy shoes would love a pair of attractive sneakers. Sneakers are stylish and versatile. Send her a pair of shoes this Christmas that allow her to express her style without compromising comfort.

Sneaker styles mirror fashion trends. Discover trendy sneaker styles. Canvas sneakers in bright colors and modern sports shoes are two options. Search popular shoe manufacturers for trendy sneakers to help her feel confident and stylish.

A 12-year-old girl should prioritize comfort when selecting sneakers. Pay attention to features like padding and arch support to keep her feet comfortable all day. Arch support, cushioned insoles, and lightweight materials must be considered. Lightweight sneakers with flexible outsoles will allow her to move freely and comfortably no matter what she is doing—playing sports, running errands, or hanging out with friends.

“Sneakers are a new era. A new pair of shoes can make anyone feel more alive. They give you a feeling of modernity. I am not a young designer, so it is fun and it expands my mind. Hip-hop is not exclusive to Americans. Everyone loves it.” 

  • Giuseppe Zanotti

Stationery Supplies:

Price Range- (£10-£30)

stationery supplies christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls uk-ultimate buyer's guide 2023
stationery supplies christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls uk-ultimate buyer’s guide 2023

Girls who like to keep journals, sketch, or write will value receiving premium stationery as a gift. To encourage her to express her creativity, think about giving her some lovely and useful stationery items for Christmas. In the United Kingdom, a 12-year-old girl could be given any number of beautiful notebooks, bright pens, and fun stickers as a stationery gift.

Including personalized stationery shows that you put extra thought into the present. Add her favorite pattern stickers or print the girl’s name or initials on the notepad to make it extra special. In addition to making the gift more distinctive and memorable, personalized stationery also helps the recipient feel proud of her artistic achievements.

Stationery can be used for introspection, exploration, creative output, and practical uses. The book encourages the young girl to write down her ideas, arrange them, and unleash her creativity. She can work through her emotions, develop her imagination, and produce an original work of art when she writes, draws, or journals. The stationery she was given allowed her to express herself and gave her the courage to pursue her artistic interests.

“Having a good supply of paper made me feel at ease.” 

  • Charles Dickens

A Cute Bag:

Price Range- (£15-£30)

a cute bag christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls uk-ultimate buyer's guide 2023
a cute bag christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls uk-ultimate buyer’s guide 2023

Every girl of 12 years old needs a nice bag because it is useful and stylish. It is a useful tool for carrying her necessities and a stylish accessory. Consider her hobbies, daily routine, and the various bag styles (backpacks, crossbody bags, and totes) to find the perfect cute bag that she will love, and that will be useful.

If you know a 12-year-old girl who enjoys fashion, organization, and expression, consider getting her a charming purse for Christmas. Choose a bag that matches her sense of style, can hold her essentials, and adds a dash of fashion to her daily life, whether it be a backpack, crossbody bag, or tote. Permit her to carry her belongings in style while also taking advantage of the convenience and fashion-forwardness offered by a charming bag.

“You can completely change your outfit with just one bag.” 

  • Sonia Rykiel


“There’s no better feeling than making your little girls laugh.” 

  • Jerry O’Connell

Finding the best Christmas present for a British girl aged 12 can be a fun and rewarding experience. You can choose gifts that will make her happy, inspire her creativity, provide entertainment, and enhance her quality of life by considering her interests, personality, and preferences. Board games, chocolate hampers, chic sweatshirts, and reusable water bottles are all options.

This Christmas, give her a gift that will warm her heart and make her smile while expressing your love and care for her. Choose gifts for her to enjoy that show you are aware of her goals and interests to celebrate the magic of the holiday season. You can start a fun search for the ideal gift that will make this Christmas a truly memorable and treasured experience for the special girl in your life by using the definitive buyer’s guide for Christmas gifts for 12-year-old girls in the UK as your guide.


What are some hot holiday gift ideas for 12-year-old girls?

Among the most commonly purchased items are those associated with fashion, art, literature, and sports.

What should I do to ensure that a 12-year-old girl enjoys whatever I give her?

Consider what interests her, check out some gift guides, or ask around for ideas.

What are some great ideas for 12-year-old girls who like to learn?

Some alternatives include kits for learning about science and coding, puzzles, games, and monthly subscription boxes.

What inexpensive presents would you suggest for 12-year-old girls?

There are numerous resources available to help you find inexpensive gift ideas. Books, art supplies, puzzles, stationery sets, sports equipment, jewelry, and keychains are all great options for personalized presents. Look in unusual places, like thrift shops and online marketplaces, for one-of-a-kind, reasonably priced gifts. Since it is the thought that counts, selecting an item that reflects your consideration by relating to her hobbies and passions is crucial.

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