Top Christmas Gifts For Christian Mom 

Devotional Books

Encourage thinking and pondering each day using a group ⁠ of heartfelt books that help with spiritual contemplation.

Journaling Bible

Your mom can use a Journaling Bible to connect with scripture, make ⁠ notes, and think about its teachings on the perfect page.

Inspirational Wall Art

Fill your mom's surroundings with daily reminders of ⁠ faith and hope using inspirational wall art.

Worship Music Albums

Make her heart and house overflow ⁠ with beautiful worship music. Get her some Christian worship albums to improve her praise and connection with God. 

Prayer Journal

Get excited about praying more by using a ⁠ special journal for your prayers. This kind of present will be her calm and quiet place to share her feelings

Scripture Necklace

Your mom will be reminded of God's love and promises whenever she wears the beautiful ⁠ , delicate necklace engraved with her favorite scripture verse close to her heart. ‍

Engraved Wooden Photo Frame with a Bible Verse

Keep your special memories forever by using a picture frame ⁠ with an important Bible verse etched on it. This present honors the happiness of loved ones

Personalized Family Name Sign

Put a special sign in her house with ⁠ their family name and a Bible quote. This caring present will fill her home with ⁠ affection .

Custom-made Scripture Throw Blanket

Give her a customized throw blanket with her favorite ⁠ scripture verse to provide comfort through God's Word.

Customized Scripture Necklace

Get her a fancy necklace with her ⁠ preferred Bible verse or an uplifting scripture passage. This thing made just for her will help her remember the important words