Fun Christmas Riddles All About Santa

Santa Claus

I travel the world in just one night, With reindeer and sleigh, it's quite a sight. Who am I?

Santa Claus

In red and white, I'm always dressed, With a long white beard, I'm never stressed. Who could I be?

Santa's elves

I make toys for girls and boys, My workshop's filled with lots of noise. Who's working hard, can you guess?

Santa Claus

On rooftops high, I make my stop, Leaving gifts with a little hop. Who am I?

Santa Claus

I'm known for my laugh, hearty and grand, Heard all over the merry land. Who's known for this cheer?

Santa Claus

I live in the North Pole, where it's icy and cold, Bringing joy to young and old. Who could I be?

Santa Claus

With a twinkle in my eye and a cherry nose, I bring happiness wherever I go. Who am I?


I lead the reindeer in the night, Guiding Santa with all my might. Who am I?

A Christmas gift

I'm wrapped in bows and shiny paper, Inside me, there's often a caper. What am I?

Christmas ornament

I'm hung with care and gleaming bright, Reflecting the holiday's light. What am I?

A snowman

I'm made of snow, but I'm not cold, I stand tall and always bold. What am I?