christmas wishes and mistletoe kisses cast

Jill Wagner

Portrays Abbey Fuller, a talented interior designer seeking to transform a historical mansion for the holidays.

Matthew Davis

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Donna Mills

Takes on the role of Vivian Sinclair, Nick's supportive grandmother who plays a key role in the story.

Gabrielle Rose

Portrays Hazel Sinclair, another member of the Sinclair family, known for her traditional Christmas celebrations.

Christopher Russell

Appears as Ben, Abbey's close friend and confidant who offers her valuable advice.

Tommy Lioutas

Takes on the character of Liam Sinclair, Nick's younger brother, who adds a dynamic to the holiday festivities.

Lydia Campbell

Plays Sara, Abbey's best friend and fellow designer, providing a supportive presence throughout the film.

Nicole Hombrebueno

Appears as Lucy, Nick's daughter, who forms a heartwarming connection with Abbey. she is is an actress, writer and producer.

Kis Yurij

Portrays Hank, a jovial member of the community who adds a touch of local charm to the story.

Pete Antico

Takes on the character of Morris, a handyman who plays a significant role in Abbey's renovation project.

Erich Boehm

Appears as Henry, adding depth to the supporting cast and the town's atmosphere.Erich Boehm is known for The 99 Unbound (2011), 

Michael Patrick Denis

Plays Mr. Wexler, another member of the community who interacts with the main characters.